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2016. November 23. - Wednesday
A delightful trip to Sopron

Almost every semester, the Office of International Education has organized exciting and informative trips to other provinces in Hungary. These field trips are organized for students who would like to acquire a deeper understanding and knowledge concerning the significant places and history of Hungary. 

2016. October 14. - Friday

Being an international student in Hungary can be much of a really interesting thing, just because of the fact that there’s always something new to learn about this breath-taking country.

2015. November 22. - Sunday
Cultural trip to Miskolc and its surrounding

Last weekend we had the opportunity to go on a trip to Miskolc to see the city and its surroundings organised by the Office of International Education.

2015. October 16. - Friday
Trip to Paks Nuclear Power Plant

The International Education Office organized a factory visit for its International Students on 1st of October to Paks Nuclear Power Plant.

2015. October 01. - Thursday

The International Education Office organised a program for its international students on 19September, so we went on our first trip to Etyek.

2015. June 02. - Tuesday

Come and take a boat ride on the Danube and enjoy the great view from the Citadel.

2015. May 13. - Wednesday
Trip to Szentedre

Barns and farms, sheep and shepherds, vines and wines at the biggest Open Air Museum in Hungary. Our visit to Skanzen.

2015. April 28. - Tuesday
Have you ever been to Pécs? ‘Cause we have!

On the 18-19th of April the International Office organized a trip to Pécs, the former capital of culture, the mediterranean city of Hungary and the home of Zsolnay manufacture.

2014. December 16. - Tuesday
Visiting the capital of Bluefrankish Wine and the Hungarian Versailles

By the big success of the Eger trip the interest of the new officially university organised tour was quite high. The places were quickly filled, by mostly the Brazilian students. The International Office had done all of the booking, reservation and organisation processes so the mentors and students could just focus on the fun.

2014. October 14. - Tuesday

On 4th of October we visited Gödöllő with 14 Brazilian students. The main destination was the Royal Palace of Gödöllő.